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Bath Toy Storage Baskets

Easy DIY Bath toy storage baskets

Kids seem to go through life accumulating more and more toys. Toys slowly take over the house. The living room, their room, the bathroom… toys are everywhere. I recently put together a quick storage solution for bath toys. After gathering materials, it took less than 5 minutes to add bath toy storage. This is such …

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How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole

Are you looking for how to repair a large drywall hole? Drywall holes happen. I’ve had to fix more than one drywall hole now. In this blog post I will share with you the tools I used to get the drywall patched up.

Storing Toys for Kids

Storing toys in bins

Kids have a lot of stuff. Toys, clothes, more toys. It seems even worse after a birthday or Christmas. Suddenly your kid has even more toys that need to fit into the house. Storing toys is something that every parent has to address.