How to Repair a Large Drywall Hole

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Are you looking for how to repair a large drywall hole? Drywall holes happen. I’ve had to fix more than one drywall hole now. In this blog post I will share with you the tools I used to get the drywall patched up.

Large Drywall Hole
Large Drywall Hole

Recently, I installed a in-wall TV cord kit. Normally, there are not holes left in the drywall after installing a kit like this. However, in my case there was a horizontal piece of wood acting as a fire block in the wall that I wanted to hang my TV on. I could not run the tube from my in-wall TV cord kit through this stud. My options were to go around it or through it. I chose to cut a large hole in my drywall in order to pick the best solution for running my TV cords.

First, you will need some supplies to repair a large drywall hole. You need a sheet of drywall large enough to cover the hole. You also need some drywall repair clips. Finally, you will want a razor knife or drywall knife, a pencil, a ruler, and a screwdriver.

To start, measure and mark a square around the hole. Cut the hole larger up to the square lines. Next, mark on your drywall a square that is the same size as your hole. Cut this square out too.

Repairing a large drywall hole - adding drywall repair clips
Repairing a large drywall hole – adding drywall repair clips

The next step to repair a large drywall hole is to take the drywall repair clips and add them in the corners of your square. Slide them snugly into place with the little tabs extending outside of your cut out square. Take your screwdriver and add screws where clips are sitting on the outside of your square. These screws should go through the clips and your drywall, anchoring the clips down snugly.

Finally, to repair a large drywall hole, take your cut out of drywall and place it in the hole. It should fit snugly. Do not use too much force putting it in place or you risk cracking it. If the fit is too tight, trim the cut out slightly until it fits. Make sure the drywall patch is as even with the surrounding drywall as possible. Then, take some more screws and add them into the patch where the clips are.

In my example here, I was able to use the same piece of drywall that I had cut out previously and just replace it back into the hole. Doing it this way is a lot easier – you do not have to add texture to a new piece of drywall or paint as much of it. You only need to patch the cut lines and texture then paint them.

Large drywall hole repaired
Large drywall hole repaired

Congratulations, you have just repaired your large drywall hole. Next step, making it blend in with the rest of the wall.