New Years Resolution

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Why exercise when there is nap?

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is busy deciding what their New Years Resolution will be.

Funny thing though, very few of these people actually make plans to do whatever their resolution entails. The few who do make plans rarely seem to see these plans through. The new exercise equipment stops being used, the new daily planner sits growing dust, the new diet gets replaced with our ‘normal’ food.

Change is hard.

Breaking habits, forming new ones. Hard stuff. Even harder is admitting how we failed. At least with New Years Resolutions, when we fail that diet or that new exercise plan we’re in good company – our friends have usually failed too.

Why do we have to have some lofty goal for the new year? Why can’t we instead resolve to do something smaller. Something more manageable. Why can’t we resolve to do something in bite size chunks instead of doing it all at once?

It’s like people see the new year, and want to be the ‘new and improved’ version of themselves immediately, without realizing that lasting changes take time to be a change that lasts.

So, to fight this trend, I’m going to start off 2017 with SMART resolutions, and with small chunks. No more ‘tomorrow I shall wake up and be the perfect version of myself’. I shall instead to simply strive to be better than I was the day before. Even if it’s minuscule, it’s still a step.