This blog thing…

Sharing is Caring!

Starting a new blog up so I can keep track of the various projects and things that I do. This way I can keep track of all of the details – recipes for various bath and body items, woodworking and organizing projects around the house, sewing, crafting, coding … whatever.

Right now I’m working on a new mantle for my fireplace. It’s Christmas time, and I *really* want a fireplace mantle to decorate. The current mantle on my fireplace is really pathetic – a two tiered mantle all of 4″ deep. The cats laugh at my attempts to decorate it, and laugh even harder when they throw said decorations down.

So I whipped this baby up yesterday:

Rough fireplace mantle

My new mantle is going to be 8 1/2 ” deep by 14″ tall without even taking trim into consideration. Plenty of room for Christmas decorations. Now to stop the cats from throwing them off…