Fire 7 Kids Edition Review

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Fire 7 Kids Edition – my daughter’s version is no where near this clean.

About a year and a half ago, my daughter got a Fire 7 Kids Edition. We looked at a couple of different tablets when deciding what to get her. This is a review of how the tablet’s held up for her.

My daughter was 3 1/2 when she got this tablet. We needed a tablet that could handle being treated not gently. We expected it to be abused – dropped, smudged, licked.. all of the abuse. The Fire 7 Kids Edition is the tablet that we decided to get for her. We liked the heavy foam bumper around it. Even more, we liked the 2 year warranty that came with the device.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition isn’t a high performance tablet (see the full specifications here). However, for a 3 year old playing Daniel Tiger, it does great. The tablet has 16GB of storage so you’re limited in the number of games or videos you can have on it at once. You might want to add an additional SD card to it for more storage. The lack of storage is not really an issue for us. The tablet is almost always on the home WIFI, so removing and adding new games is a snap.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition has been a true workhorse for our daughter. The tablet has kept her entertained on multiple road trips. I love that it has parental controls so that I can limit the number of hours she is on it per day. It’s not just blanket time per day either, you can limit the time by activity type – games, books, and videos. So you can set your kid up to only play an hour of games and videos a day while letting them read an unlimited number of books. Another feature that is really nice is that you can block certain apps completely if you do not approve of them.

The only problem we have had with this device is that the USB port on it is loose in the device. This lets the charge cable ‘wiggle’ in the tablet, so the tablet will not always charge. It took almost a year and a half for this defect to appear.

For a young child using it, the Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet has held up remarkably well. Since we have only had this tablet for a year and a half it is still under warranty. So we will be returning it and exchanging it for another one.