Top 10 Cute Plant Pots

Cute plant pots with amazing plants are all over these days. They’re at home, in the office, and sometimes even in the car cup holder. Having plants around has multiple health benefits, and cute flower pots look good! Read this post to find the top 10 cute plant pots that I’ve found!

Storing Toys for Kids

Storing toys in bins

Kids have a lot of stuff. Toys, clothes, more toys. It seems even worse after a birthday or Christmas. Suddenly your kid has even more toys that need to fit into the house. Storing toys is something that every parent has to address.

This blog thing…

Starting a new blog up so I can keep track of the various projects and things that I do. This way I can keep track of all of the details – recipes for various bath and body items, woodworking and organizing projects around the house, sewing, crafting, coding … whatever.