Noggle review – get rear AC for your car easily!

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The Noggle Review - 6 years old and still keeping the backseat comfortable.
The Noggle by Noggle Nation – get rear ac for your car

Do you have a car that does not have back seat air conditioning? Want to add rear ac to your car easily? Check out this review on the Noggle and see how easy it is to add rear AC to your car.

If you’re in a hurry (or just curious!) –

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Why get a Noggle?

If you have ever ridden in the backseat of a car that does not have AC on a hot summer day then I’m sure you know – it’s miserable. It seems like you only get a hint of a breeze from the AC in the front, but no actual relief from the heat. You can understand how miserable kids or pets who have to ride in the back seat all summer long are. Riding in the back of a car in the summer with no AC really does suck.

I grew up with no rear ac in my parents car. I know firsthand how much it sucks to have to sit in the backseat with no AC. When I had kids, I wanted to have a car with rear AC. Buying a new car is *not* cheap though. So I went looking for something that could get the cool AC to the back of a hot car.

Maybe lots of car fans would keep the back seat cool…

Noggle Alternatives

My first thought was a fan. Maybe more than one fan. All of these fans would be strapped up on the inside of my car and plugged into the single cigarette lighter. I wouldn’t be able to charge my phone, and I would sure look silly driving down the road with all those fans. Adding lots of fans to a car would also be really loud. The back of the car would have AC though!

I quickly ditched the “just add fans to my car” idea.

Other ideas to keep the kids in the back seat cool were to add ice packs to their car seats, point the front seat AC vents ‘just right’, get some sort of baby car seat air conditioning system, or buy a new car. Again, none of these ideas were really easy to use or feasible for me. I wanted a solution to get the backseat of my car cool that would be permanent. Something I wouldn’t have to remember to do.

What is the Noggle?

I did some more research online, and found the Noggle. The Noggle is simple. It’s just a tube that hooks into your air vent and runs to wherever you put it. You can get AC to the backseat of your car with no AC. This tube is touted as a great way to cool your backseat, and anyone who happens to be in it. These are great for children, babies, pets… whatever or whoever happens to be riding in the backseat. It helps to keep it cool in the summer months and warm in the winter by making sure that the AC flows back there uninterrupted.

The Noggle - AmazonThe Noggle Review
The Noggle from NoggleNation

The Noggle is also relatively inexpensive (especially compared to a new car!). It is also silent – unlike my ‘just add a lot of fans’ idea.

You can shop for the Noggle on their website (but go here first to get a referral code for 10% off!) or you can buy it on Amazon. I recommend you use their website – they’re a smaller company and this makes sure they get more of the profits. When I checked Amazon, it was double the price of the Noggle Nation!

The Noggle comes in a TON of different colors. I chose black so that it blends in, but there are literally tons of options. Be sure to check out their site for more options.

You can get a Noggle in multiple different lengths. There are 6 foot versions that are perfect for forward facing kids, 8 foot versions for rear facing babies, and 10 foot versions for the children in the third row.


Installing a Noggle

Installing the Noggle is dead simple. They give you a couple of mounting plates that fit most vehicles and a plastic tie. You tie the plate to an air vent, then twist the Noggle on. It takes about 5 minutes to install. The Noggle can also be easily removed. Simply twist the Noggle off, and undo the tie if you need to remove the mounting plate.

Running the hose can be a bit of a challenge. I ran my hose under the front passenger chair to keep it out of the way. You can do this, or just run the hose down the middle of your car if it doesn’t fit under a chair. I recommend under a chair if you can get away with it.

The Noggle has multiple loops on the side where the air flows out. You can use these loops along with the velcro strap they provide to attach the hose to a good location in your car.

That’s all there is to it. Told you installing a Noggle was super easy.

The Noggle Review…

I love my Noggle. I’ve had it for 6 years now, and it’s still going strong. We are in Arizona, so the car can easily hit 140° in the summer. It’s super effective in keeping the back seat more comfortable for the kids. It works great to have something to get cold air into the back of the car to keep the kids cooler – and it keeps me from hearing the whining that “it’s hot”. 😉 I totally think that getting a Noggle is worth it, the Noggle works well – and in Phoenix summers that is quite a feat!

The Noggle is a very cheap and easy easy way to add rear ac for a car. It’s easy to install, and helps keep the backseat cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you don’t have rear ac in your car, I highly recommend checking out a Noggle.


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