In Wall TV Cable Kit – CableClear Review

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This TV could really use being wall mounted and an in wall tv cable kit | Get a cable clear | Get a cableclear | home decor | basket | hide tv wires
This TV could really use being wall mounted and an in wall cable management system.

Are you looking for how to hide TV cables in your wall? Using an in wall cable management system to hide your TV cables gives a nice clean look when you have your TV mounted on the wall. I’ve used a couple if in wall TV cable kits now. In this article I will be reviewing the CableClear TV Cable Kit.

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Why wall mount your TV?

We chose to wall mount our TV’s because they are on the large side, and we have little kids. With little (and even bigger kids) they are into everything. Having the TV just sitting on a console table in the living room worried me – what if the TV fell? We chose to mount our TV to the wall to make it more secure. If you have kids, teens, or rowdy dogs in your house – you know exactly what I’m talking about. Having the TV bolted to the wall is a lot more secure.

Why use an in wall cable management system?

When we wall mounted the TV, we knew that we wanted a way to hide the TV cables in the wall. Some sort of cable management system that kept the cords in-wall was a must. Having the cables run down in front of the wall just does not look as attractive as a TV mounted on the wall with the cables hidden. This is what made us start looking at the Cable Clear kit in the first place. With this kit, you can easily hide your TV wires in-wall. You can find it on Amazon here.

This is the second TV that I have wall mounted and hidden the cables for. I chose to use a different cable solution for this TV, the CableClear kit (on Amazon here). With this second installation, I knew that I wanted to have a tube to hide the tv cables in the wall. Like the first installation, this TV was also hanging on an exterior wall. The tv cables would have to be pulled through insulation unless there was a tube in the wall for them to run through.

If you are thinking about wall mounting your TV, or have already wall mounted your TV and are staring at TV cables, then I highly recommend getting an in wall cable management system. Using a in wall cable management system to hide the TV cables keeps them from being a distraction when you’re watching TV. It also helps the whole wall mounted TV look cleaner. Using a in wall cable management system can be pretty easy (depending on the kit you use – some are more ‘advanced’ than others).

Why use the CableClear in wall management system?

Something that this in-wall TV cable kit has that the other kit lacked was the springs for holding the mounting plates to the wall. The other kit gaped at the bottom. I wanted to be sure that the new kit did not gap like the old one. No gap means that dirt, bugs, insulation and cold air are sealed out of the house still.

CableClear kit to hide tv wires. Hide tv wires with a cableclear kit. In wall tv cable kit
In wall TV cable kit – you can find it on Amazon

The tube to hide the tv cables in the wall was really nice. The tube flexes so that you can move it around items in the wall if you need to. I liked this tube to hide the tv cables in the wall much more than the other kit’s tube. The other kit had a firm tube that you had to feed into the wall. Having a flexible tube to hide the tv cables was really nice.

I really did not like using the plumb bob that came with the Cable Clear In-Wall TV Kit to run the tube through the wall. I ended up with a blister from pulling on the thread so hard. The other in-wall TV cable kit had a small plastic stick for helping feed the firmer tube through. This plastic stick and firmer tube worked a lot better. I did not end up blistered with the other kit.

Hiding the wires in the wall from my wall mounted TV was super easy with the Cable Clear kit. This tv wire hiding kit included a drill bit for cutting the exact right sized hole in the drywall. It made it super easy to get a nice, clean look with the mounting plates that come with the kit. Once you have the two holes drilled, you run the flexible tubing through the wall. This is the part that I had issues with. I was hiding tv cables in a wall that had exterior insulation in it. I had to compress the insulation a bit and get past the fire break in order to run the tubing.

The CableClear kit has flexible tubing for running the TV wires in the wall. This tubing was nice and long, so I just had it sticking out of both holes I had cut into the wall. This is where I ran all of my cords through the tubing. I made sure to run my TV’s power cord as well as at least one HDMI cable per port that my TV had. This way I would not have to worry about adding more cables in the future if I needed to plug something else into my TV. Once all my TV wires were hidden in the wall, I added the top wall plate mount. I cut the bottom of the hose to size, then added the bottom wall plate mount. It was that easy to hide my tv cables in the wall with this kit. It probably took me about an hour to hide my tv wires with this in-wall kit.

Overall, I prefer the CableClear in-wall tv cable kit (Amazon) over the other one that I used. The Cable Clear kit is a lot cleaner looking when it is installed. I like that the kit has a tube for cables and that the mounting plates are snug against the wall. If you are going to use this cable kit, be sure to wear gloves when pulling the plumb bob line through the wall to avoid blistering.

The CableClear kit can hide your tv wires in the wall. Cable clear in wall tv cable kit. Houseplant, home decor, moulding, wall mount tv.

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