In Wall TV Cable Kit Review

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Do you want to know how to hide TV cables using an in wall cable management kit? When you wall mount a TV, it’s nice to have the TV cables hidden in the wall. We really love how much cleaner the TV looks mounted to the wall. We used a in wall TV cable kit to hide the TV cables. This post will be reviewing the kit we used to hide TV cables in the wall.

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We mounted our flatscreen tv to the wall and this is the in wall TV cable kit that we used to hide our TV cables. If you are going to out your TV on the wall, then you will want the cables hidden too. We found this kit at the local hardware store, but you can find it online at Amazon too.

An in wall cable management system is used to hide the cables in a wall. In this case, we used an in wall cable management system to hide the power and HDMI cables from wall mounting the TV in our living room. Our TV used to sit on the console. We decided to wall mount the TV so that it would be safer with kids in the house ( no TV to tip over!) and for a cleaner look in our living room.

Using a TV cable kit was a really good idea. I considered just buying the parts myself and to do it. However, the kit really made running the cables easy. I really loved that the kit came with a cable puller. The kit also has tubing that you put in the wall to run the cables through. Our TV ended up being mounted on an outer wall of the house, so we would have had to pull our HDMI cables through insulation without the tube.

Having a power plug on the top outlet of the In-Wall Power Cord and Cable Kit was also nice. This allowed us to plug the tv in before lifting it up to mount to the wall. This was another feature that I really liked about this in wall TV cable kit.

In-Wall Power Cord and Cable Kit

Something that I did not like about this TV cable kit was that the outlet mounts did not secure to the wall. There is insulation in the wall we chose to mount the TV on. This insulation pushes the outlets back out of the wall. The upper outlet is behind the TV, so this pushes it back into the wall. The bottom outlet sticks out from the wall a little bit since it is not being pushed back in by anything. Overall, this is a minor issue. I expected the outlets to sit all the way in the wall and it’s annoying that they don’t.

One more tip if you decide to mount your TV to the wall and use an in wall cable management kit – buy as many HDMI cables as your TV can handle, and put them all in the wall before you mount your TV. This lets you add more devices whenever you want without taking the TV down to run a new HDMI cable.

Overall, using an in wall TV cable kit is a really great idea if you are going to be mounting your TV to the wall. I would definitely recommend getting a kit that includes a tube for running the cables inside the wall. That was a really nice feature. However, you would want to either glue these outlets to the wall after installing them. If you don’t want to glue the outlets, find a kit that has some sort of secure mounting function that attaches it to the wall.

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