Keurig B40 Fix and Review

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Keurig B40
Keurig B40 – mine is not this clean.

Like my Keurig B60, I found a Keurig B40 at the local Goodwill for $10. This Keurig was also not working when I got it. I fixed it up easily enough and it has been a workhorse for about a year now for me. In this post, I’ll be detailing how I got the B40 working again as well as reviewing it.

The Keurig B40 isn’t made anymore however Amazon has the Keurig K40 which is very similar. Just like the Keurig B60, the B40 was not working when I got it home. Unlike the B60, this one at least powered on. It would not suck up water or spit it out. From the B40’s behavior, it seemed like it had some sort of blockage in it’s tubing.

To fix the B40, I turned the machine upside down (over the sink) and smacked it on the bottom repeatedly quite hard. The idea behind this is to jostle loose any valves that might be stuck. I repeated turning it over and smacking it 3 times before it started working properly. Once the B40 was sucking up water, I immediately descaled it a couple of times to ensure that it would not get stuck again.

I have used this coffee machine multiple times a day for about a year now. The Keurig B40 is an awesome coffee machine. I add the pods, add my cup and some water and I get piping hot coffee on demand. I like that it has an auto-off feature for turning the heater off after a couple of hours. With the auto off you do not have to remember to turn it off yourself. It only takes about two minutes for water to heat up to temperature, so even with the machine off it’s quite quick to get a cup of coffee going.

Another thing that has saved me more than once is the over sized drip tray. This seems like an easily neglected feature. More than once I have prepped my coffee and forgotten to put my mug in place. Having an over sized drip tray means that my coffee ends up in there instead of all over the counter.

I have descaled the machine a couple of times since that initial cleaning. This is more proactive on my part than actually needed by the machine. I have yet to see the ‘de-scale’ light activate on the machine. We have really hard water here. I prefer to be proactive and always have coffee instead of stuck descaling and coffee-less.

My Keurig B40 is one of the best purchases that I have ever made from Goodwill. It serves me piping hot coffee multiple times a day without complaint.