How to Hide a Box Spring Mattress Fast

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Do you have a box spring under your mattress that is ugly? Are you looking for a way to hide your box spring mattress? I found a super easy way to hide your box spring mattress fast, and chances are you already have everything you need! I’ve also included some other ways to hide your box spring, in case the easy way isn’t the look you want. This is a super simple DIY home decor project that will help make your bedroom feel more put together and cohesive.

How to Hide a Box Spring - this bed has a nice box spring. Not like mine. Box spring cover, bed.
How to Hide a Box Spring – this bed has a nice box spring. Not like mine.

What is a box spring?

Box spring mattresses are the mattress under your mattress. Box springs are basically there to support your mattress. They raise your bed up a little higher so that it’s easier to get in and out. They also provide a firm, flat surface for your mattress to lay on. Having a box spring mattress can be pretty important depending on the type of bed frame you have and the type of mattress that you have. Do you not have a box spring mattress, but need one? Check this one out here.

Do I need a box spring mattress?

How to hide a box spring - no box spring on this bed
This bedframe wouldn’t need a box spring mattress. Find it here

Not all beds need a box spring mattress. Some beds do just fine without a box spring – it depends a lot on what type of of bed frame you have. Your bed frame is going to have pieces running across it where the mattress goes to support the mattress. These are normally called slats. If the bed frame slats are too widely spaced to support your mattress, then you will want to get a box spring mattress. A bed frame like this one here has slats that are close together, so you wouldn’t need a box spring with this bed frame.

Another thing to consider when debating if you need a box spring is how tall is your bed? Is it hard to get up out of your bed? Would the extra height of a box spring make it easier for you to get out of bed? Adding more height to a bed is another good reason to have a box spring mattress.

Is it possible to sleep on a mattress without a box spring just as comfortably?

Yes, you can sleep on a mattress without a box spring just as comfortably. However, this is going to depend a lot on your bed. The box spring mattress provides support to a mattress. So if you did not use a box spring, your bed frame would need to provide that missing support instead. Without a bed frame or box spring to support it, you will find your mattress sagging and dipping between the bed rails. The best bed frame to use without a box spring is a platform bed or similar. Your bed frame would need to have a solid foundation for the mattress to sit on or slats with very small (3″ or smaller) gaps between them.

Can you use a box spring on a bed that has wooden slats?

Yes, you can use a box spring on a bed that has wooden slats. Box springs are used to provide support to the mattress and to add height to a bed. Beds with wooden slats and platform beds are great for using with a box spring. If your bed frame has larger gaps between the slats, then using a box spring becomes more than optional. Using a box spring mattress on a bed frame with large gaps between the slats keeps the mattress from dipping between the slats.

Why would you want to hide a box spring?

We don’t always get to pick what our box spring looks like. It may clash horribly with the decor of your bedroom. If your box spring mattress is anything like mine, then it is a super ugly box spring mattress. Words cannot express how truly ugly the design on my box spring is. Hiding an ugly box spring mattress is something easy you can do to improve how your bedroom looks. With a few minutes of effort your box spring can be either hidden away or made to blend into the rest of your bedroom decor.

How to hide a box spring – the quick and easy way

how to hide box spring without bed skirt - use a fitted sheet like this one. Fitted sheet, bedroom decor, bed.
Fitted sheet on Amazon

So, how do you hide a box spring mattress fast, with things you have on hand already? I’ll admit, finding this neat trick to hide my box spring fast took longer than I want to say. Once you figure it out, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

To hide your box spring fast, you’ll need a box spring and a fitted sheet. That’s it. That’s all the supplies you need. I bet you can even guess what we’re going to do with it. If you don’t have a fitted sheet, Amazon has you covered. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that’ll cover the spring mattress and match your room’s colors.

To start, you take your box spring mattress. You’ll be using the fitted sheet as a box spring cover. Just stuff the fitted sheet on the box spring mattress. I personally stuffed mine on upside-down so that the sheet covered the bottom. But that’s because my cats are jerks and would tear the bottom open then climb inside the mattress and run around. Usually when I was sleeping.

Hiding a box spring mattress fast is really that simple. You can change out the fitted sheet whenever you want, or just leave it on there forever. No more ugly box spring mattress.

How to hide a box spring mattress – bed skirts and box spring covers

There are a couple of other ways that you can hide a box spring mattress easily, but both will probably cost more than your fitted sheet that you probably already have. Even if you don’t have a fitted sheet, buying a new one is about $7 on Amazon, whereas buying a bed skirt or box spring cover is more. That said, maybe the bed skirt or box spring cover look is what you need. In that case, read on.

Bed Skirts

Bed skirts are just about exactly what they sound like. Skirts of fabric for going around your bed. There are a couple of different designs of these. The two main designs are wrap around and between the mattress. Then there are multiple different fabric and gathering styles.

how to cover box spring and metal frame - use a bed skirt
Wrap around bed skirt on Amazon

A wrap around bed skirt literally wraps around your bed. You don’t have to worry about lifting or shifting the mattress to install this. It can be less secure since it’s not actually anchored between the mattress and box spring, but if you’re not able to lift your mattress then this is the type of bed skirt for you.

how to hide a box spring - use a bed skirt
Between the mattresses bed skirt on Amazon

A between the mattress bed skirt is one that has the skirt part attached to a large flat piece of fabric – like a flat sheet. This large piece of fabric is designed to go between the mattress and the box spring, with the skirt hanging out. Having the bed skirt anchored between the mattress and the box spring like this helps to keep it in position and stable. They can still shift though, so it’s not a perfect solution.

Box Spring Covers

how to cover box spring - use a box spring cover
Box spring cover on Amazon

A box spring cover is a piece of fabric that wraps around your box spring to cover it. These are also known as a box spring wrap, because they wrap around the box spring. Box spring covers give a look very similar to the fitted sheet look above. There are a couple of differences between using a box spring cover and a fitted sheet though. The biggest difference is that the box spring cover doesn’t have the flat part of the sheet in the middle. This can be super nice if you are not able to lift your mattress and box spring to install it. You can simple ‘walk’ the box spring cover down the sides of your mattress to the box spring until it is installed how you need it. This isn’t something you can do with a fitted sheet. You would *have* to move the mattress out of the way to install a fitted sheet on your box spring. Generally, a box spring cover is going to cost more than using fitted sheets to cover your box spring. But the ease of installing can definitely make up for it.

In Summary

Having box spring covers is a great way to make your bedroom feel more put together and cohesive. No more clashing, ugly box spring sticking out in your bedroom decor. You can make your box spring match your bedroom colors. This is an easy DIY home improvement project that can be done using fitted sheets, or actual box spring covers.

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