Brightown Space Heater Review

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Are you considering getting a space heater? Modern space heaters are incredibly safe, efficient, and useful devices. In this post, I will be answering questions about space heaters and reviewing the Brightown space heater.

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Why use space heater?

Space heaters are great if you don’t have a heater in your home and want to warm it up some. Space heaters can be plugged in and start heating up a room immediately. You do not have to run expensive duct work or get an expensive heater unit installed in your house. With a space heater, you can be quite comfortable quickly and easily.

Space heaters are also great if you want to warm up just a small section of your home. You can have a room heater in one room, and not have to warm the whole house. This can save on your utility bills quite a lot.

Room heaters are good for almost every room in the house. You do not want to use them around high humidity areas. So you would not want a space heater in your bathroom. Having a space heater for your office, bedroom, or family room is perfect.

brightown heater, brightown space heater, brightown room heater
Pictured here: the Brightown space heater.
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Are space heaters safe?

Modern space heaters are quite safe. Space heaters today are electricity powered, so you don’t need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. Today’s electric heaters also have overheat protection. If they get too hot, they turn off. This can prevent an electric heater from getting too hot and starting a fire. Another common safety feature in portable heaters is tip protection. If a room heater is tipped over, it automatically turns off. Again, this can prevent a fire from happening.

The Brightown heater has all of these safety features. It is electric powered, has overheat protection, and has tipping auto shutoff. These features combine to make the heater super safe to use in your house.

Are space heaters energy efficient?

Modern space heaters are super energy efficient. When you compare them to heating a whole house, the energy savings can be quite significant. The EPA does not rate space heaters for energy efficiency, so it’s not possible to find an Energy Star space heater. You can compare the wattage on different space heaters to find one that works for your needs. Lower wattage would have lower energy consumption. Keep in mind though, that it could also mean lower heat output. Make sure when you are comparing wattage that you also compare what size of an area the heater is designed for.

About the Brightown Heater

brightown heater, brightown space heater, brightown room heater
Brightown space heater. HERE

The Brightown 750W/1500W Space Heater is very highly rated on Amazon. It has a high star rating and over 1500 reviews. It is a relatively compact heater, at just under a foot tall. It has dials on top to control the heating temperature and the fan speed. It includes a safety feature that will turn the heat off if the heater is tipped. This is a ceramic space heater. This means that it has a ceramic heating element that warms up to generate the heat.

Brightown heater features:

  • Highly rated
  • Compact size
  • Adjustable temperature and fan speed
  • ETL listed
  • Overheat protection
  • Tipping auto-shutoff

Brightown Heater review

I use this space heater in my office which has a very large window in it. My office can get quite cold compared to the rest of the house. This space heater works quite well to heat the 5′ x 15′ space at my desk. There is a 4° difference in the room after the heater has been running. The animals in the house also approve of the heat, and come sit around me while it is on.

There are two issues that this Brightown space heater has. First, when the heater is turned on you need to turn the heat dial all the way up to engage the heater. After that initial switch to max, you can drop the dial back down to your comfortable range. A complaint that other people have is that this space heater is loud. I have not found that to be the case, but each person’s tolerance for sound will be different.

In Summary

Overall, the Brightown 750W/1500W Space Heater is very nice. With the recent cold wave, I am quite happy to have this device in my house. It keeps the room I am working in warm without me having to pay to heat up the whole house. I love all of the safety features that this room heater has, overheat protection and tipping auto shutoff. This is definitely a purchase that I would make again.

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