Necklace Hanger – How To Make Your Own

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Necklaces are difficult to store. If you leave them in a pile, necklaces get all knotted up. The best way to store necklaces is to have them on a necklace hanger. Ideally, the necklace hanger also needs to be taller than your longest necklace. In this post, I will give instructions for making a wall mounted necklace holder for cheap.

Materials Needed

If you’re in a hurry (or just curious!) –

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For this project, I used scrap wood that I had lying around. I used a 16″ piece of 1″ x 8″ and a 16″ piece of 1″ x 3″. This project will also require cup hooks. For mine, I chose to go with white hooks that have a 1/2″ hook like these. I also used two screws and two self-leveling picture hangers like these. Finally, I also used some of my favorite stain to color and seal the wood.

My two wood pieces, ready to go for my necklace hanger.
My two wood pieces, ready to go for a necklace hanger.

To start, cut the wood pieces to the same length. Sand the wood as necessary to remove any rough spots and slightly knock down the edges. Decide which part of each piece of wood is going to face ‘out’. For my necklace holder, I chose to have a pair of knots in the wood facing out.

Line marked where the other piece sits, and screw holes drilled.
Line marking where the other piece of wood sits, and screw hole pre-drilled.

Place the two pieces of wood in an ‘L’ shape and mark how they line up. I placed my 1″ x 8″ piece on top, and attached the smaller 1″ x 3″ below that. Use the line to pre-drill two holes for the screws to connect the two pieces together. Since I am not going to be looking at the top, I chose to just drill straight down from the top. You could just as easily drill from the ‘back’ through the top piece. I placed my screw holes about 4″ in from the outer edges of the shelf. Place the two pieces together and screw them in place to make your ‘L’.

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Shelf screwed together in an 'L' shape and hook locations marked. The necklace hanger is almost done now!
Shelf screwed together in an ‘L’ shape and hook locations marked. The necklace hanger is almost done now!

After your two pieces are screwed into their ‘L’ shape, next is marking the locations for the hooks. First, mark a line on your wood for the hooks to go along. I have a line on the bottom back of the shelf and a line 2″ from the bottom front of the shelf. Then mark the location for each hook along the lines. 1 3/8″ was the perfect distance for my necklaces and hooks. If you have a lot of chunky necklaces or want a large necklace holder, you want to have more spacing between your hooks. Pre-drill each of these holes for the hooks, making sure to not drill through your wood. Sand your wood again to knock off any rough spots or ‘dangly bits’ from your necklace holder.

Necklace hanger stained, hardware added, and mounted to the wall.
Necklace hanger stained, hardware added, and mounted to the wall.

After the final sanding, wipe your shelf clean with a rag. I chose to stain my shelf my favorite dark brown, but you could just as easily paint yours. If you are staining or painting your shelf, do that now. After the stain or paint has dried, it is time to add the hardware to your necklace holder. Add the back self-leveling hangers first. Make sure that you mount them level on your shelf to make hanging it easier. Then, screw in all of your hooks.

Mount your new necklace hanger to the wall, and add your necklaces. Enjoy having a way to store your necklaces that makes it easy to find and use the one you want.

Necklace Hanger when completed
Necklace Hanger when completed

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