Hide router without blocking signal

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Wondering how to hide a router without blocking signal? Let’s face it, routers and network hardware doesn’t exactly match many people’s home decor goals. Routers have blinking lights and often are designed as some ugly box or to look like an alien spaceship. In this post, I’ll go over how to hide a wifi router. What do you need to consider when hiding a router? There’s also steps for a DIY box to hide your router and modem.

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After watching “The IT Crowd”, I knew I wanted a project for hiding a router. I was tired of seeing my routers, modems and other computer stuff just sitting around gathering dust and flickering lights at me. This project, hiding a router, is dedicated to “The IT Crowd” and Jen. If you haven’t watched this series yet, I recommend it. It’s nerdy, full of British humor, and just a great series. Here’s a clip of where Jen is introduced to the internet. I decided that my internet could be in a box too, just like Jen’s. This easy DIY allows you to hide your router in plain sight.

Things to consider when hiding a router

There are a couple of things that you need to consider when hiding a router or modem.

The first thing to consider is your wifi signal. It is no good hiding a your modem and losing your wifi signal. You want to hide your router without blocking signal. You want your router hidden in something that is a lightweight material. Metal and dense materials are going to interfere with your wifi signal. So, the first and most important thing to consider is making sure that how you hide your router lets your wifi signal through. Using a box or basket to hide your router and modem is perfect for allowing signal through.

Another important thing to consider when you are trying to hide a router is that electronics generate heat. While your router is on, and it’s always on, it will generate heat. It is bad for electronics to be exposed to too much heat. This heat should be allowed to dissipate. So anything you use to hide your router should have good ventilation to allow the heat to escape.

How to hide a router and modem in a box


  • Box large enough for your devices to sit in – these ones would be perfect
  • Craft knife
  • Paint or other supplies to decorate it

Steps to make a box to hide your router and modem

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This DIY is super easy but removes a big eyesore from my home decor. It all starts with a box. Not just any box though, make sure that your box will fit all of your computer hardware that you want to hide. My box had to fit a router, modem, and an extra fan. Be sure to measure your hardware to make sure it’ll fit in your box. Paperboard and paper mache boxes are perfect for this project.

After you have a box large enough for all of the hardware you want to hide, you need to decide how you want to decorate it. I went with black, in honor of “The IT Crowd” but you could just as easily use a different color or design. If you’re feeling really creative you can go all out and decorate the box like a book, add spangles and glitter – whatever you want.

Once you have a basic design in mind, you need to determine a good side to cut a hole in. All of your computer wires and power cables need to be able to go into the box, and you don’t want to leave the lid open for them. You want to make the hole for the wires bigger than needed. The ends of the wires have plugs on them that will need to fit through the hole. Make the hole a little bit larger than that even to allow for good ventilation to your router and modem. This will allow the heat to escape.

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Carefully cut a hole in your box for wires to run through

Take the back of the box and cut a hole in it that is about 1.5 to 2″ in diameter depending on the number of cables you have. My hold ended up being about 2.5″ by 1″. I used a craft knife to cut the hole being sure to make shallow cuts repeatedly instead of forcing the knife through. Forcing the knife would be a good way to get cut – something you want to avoid.

I added a second hole to my box and mounted a small electronics fan to it. If you think you need more ventilation in your box, this is a great way to get it. Make sure if you are cutting more than one hole, that you leave enough of the box for it to be stable. It would be sad to cut so big of holes in your box that it collapses.

After your hole is cut out, it’s time to decorate your box. You can paint it with craft paint like I did, or get crazy with decoupage, patterns, or glitter. Make sure to let your box dry well when you are done decorating it.

box to hide router and modem, hide router without blocking signal, hide router in living room
Router all hooked up and ready to be hidden in a box.

Once your box is all decorated, it’s time to add your computer hardware to it. Unplug your router, modem, or whatever else is being added to the box. Place the hardware in the box, then plug it all back in.

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Router hidden in a box

When deciding the placement of your wifi router, you need to be smart. Make sure you again consider ventilation and allowing the wifi signal to get through. You want the back of the box open to the air to allow the hot air to vent out. You also want the box “out in the open” so that the wifi signal can spread evenly. Don’t go stuffing this box in an enclosed shelf or bookcase. You’ll trap the heat inside the box and kill your wifi signal.


Congratulations, you have succeed at hiding a router and now you too have the internet in a box! ūüôā

Just remember to make sure that you put your new router hidden in a box some where well ventilated.

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