Top 10 Cute Plant Pots

Cute plant pots with amazing plants are all over these days. They’re at home, in the office, and sometimes even in the car cup holder. Having plants around has multiple health benefits, and cute flower pots look good! Read this post to find the top 10 cute plant pots that I’ve found!

Top 10 Health and Wellness Items from 2019

Top 10 Health and Wellness Items

Are you trying to improve your health and wellness, but lost in all of the gadgets? I’ve compiled my top 10 health and wellness items from 2019 into one location. The items on this list have greatly contributed to my well being last year, and would make excellent choices to improve yours.

Frosted Cranberries Recipe

frosted cranberries recipe

I love making this frosted cranberries recipe. They’re so beautiful to look at and easy to make. Biting into them is an amazing combination of flavors and textures. There’s an immediate crunch, then the juice of the cranberries explodes out. The sweetness of the sugar tames the bite of the cranberries. Read more to find …

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10 Great Gift Ideas for Him

10 great gift ideas for him

Still looking for a gift for a guy in your life? Need some great gift ideas for him? Don’t settle for a tie, slippers or worse – socks and underwear. You can do so much better than that. Check out my list of ten great gift ideas for him.

Great Gift Ideas for Her

great gift ideas for her

Are you struggling to find a gift for a girl in your life? Maybe it’s your mom or sister, girlfriend, wife or just a friend? Check out these great gift ideas for her.